Gut Directed Hypnotherapy to help with IBS

hypnotherapy may help reduce IBS symptoms


The original Manchester Model of gut-oriented hypnotherapy required clients to have up to 12 sessions, however, these could not be tailored to individuals because of the need to compare identical sessions for the purposes of the study. There was also a great deal of repetition in the sessions, which I feel can be reduced by you spending time at home with an audio of the appropriate material.

I find that because of this, and because I can adjust the programme to suit your particular needs and situation, four to six sessions are all most people need to get long lasting effects.

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Most people require four to six sessions depending upon the history and severity of their IBS.

Typically we begin by looking at those things that will make the biggest impact on your life in the short term: developing relaxation skills to aid symptom reduction. To ensure the benefits are likely to be long lasting we go on to look at anxiety, confidence building and stress management. We can also include sessions on motivation to make any lifestyle changes that help your IBS such as healthy eating habits or smoking cessation or look at any other issues you feel are relevant. You will receive at least one free audio track (depending on your needs) which can be given as a CD or MP3 download.

Most sessions are held at fortnightly intervals.

The programme costs £65 per session, or you can save by paying for a block of sessions in advance. If you take advantage of this offer and do not need all the sessions, an appropriate percentage will be refunded.

A first session is around an hour and a half to two hours; after that, sessions last approximately one hour.


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