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debbie wallerI have been a professional hypnotherapist since 2003, having been led to it by my interest in psychology and how people work. I am now registered by the GHR as an Advanced Practitioner, and the ACCPH as a Fellow, the highest level of membership available in both cases.

I wrote the chapter on hypnotherapy and IBS for The Hypnotherapy Handbook, available via this link on and I'm the author of Their Worlds, Your Words, a hypnotherapists' guide to effective sessions, also available on Amazon.

After qualifying as a hypnotherapist, I developed a particular interest in working with stress and related issues and qualified as a stress management coach a couple of years later. Since then I have worked with individuals and groups to solve problems such as stress (personal and workplace), anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, IBS, and a great deal more.

This website is specifically about using hypnotherapy to relieve the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). You'll find more information about how hypnotherapy can help with other issues on  and more about stress management in general on

I also own and run Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training, a multi-accredited hypnotherapy school.

My professional memberships include:
My professional qualifications include:

I am listed as an IBS specialist by the GHR and




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